Woolstone Pre-School's Woodland Wonder

Woodland Wonder sessions will be organised for 3 and 4 year old children during the year before they leave to start Primary school. We will provide each child in this group with a block of approximately 4 to 5 weekly Woodland Wonder sessions, at least once during the academic year. We will inform you before you child is due to start their block of sessions and we’ll let you know which days the sessions will take place on.

The children will attend in groups of no more than 8 children with 2 adults. The lead adult has undertaken Outdoor Learning training with an external trainer. This training covers both safety and appropriate outdoor learning activities.

Woodland Wonder sessions are planned with a range of developmentally appropriate outdoor learning activities which take place in the richest of learning environments – the outdoors. We intend that the children accessing these sessions will:

  • Learn how to safely explore the natural world around them
  • Learn to respect and take care of their local environment
  • Develop high levels of awe, wonder, fascination and curiosity for the natural world
  • Improve their language skills from learning new words to finding new ways to describe things
  • Engage in activities that support their self-confidence and self esteem
  • Learn, understand and cooperate with new boundaries
  • Experience positive emotional wellbeing as they enjoy regular outdoor learning activities
  • Become highly motivated, stimulated and involved in their own explorations
  • Learn how to be resilient and persevere.